Sport is an integral part of any young person's healthy development. It allows them to interact on a level playing field, builds character and teaches them sportsmanship and discipline. With our sport in the community programme, we will create more opportunities for disdvantaged children to participate in sport as all young people should have the same opportunity that has been afforded to many of us. Playing competitive sports early in life can give young people important values and life skills for the future.


We are currently working with Active Communities Network (ACN), a UK registered charity who share the same vision about the role of sport in the community. 


Active Communities Network



Active Communities Network (ACN), is a youth and community development charity working with young people from disadvantaged communities from all around the world. With offices in London, Manchester and Northern Ireland they work heavily in these areas but also deliver programmes in South Africa, and training across Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


ACN delivers grassroots projects, primarily through sport and cultural activity to engage, support and mentor young people into education, training and employment, countering negative social outcomes such as crime, poverty and mental health issues. 



ACN’s methodology involves coaches connecting with young people through outreach, building up trust and engaging young people through sports sessions & youth work. Young people are then offered opportunities to engage in volunteering and training programmes for their personal development to help prepare them for employment. 



ACN also provide mentoring opportunities through a range of corporate and public sector partners to allow young people to enhance their employability and harness their entrepreneurial spirit.



Partnerships are at the heart of ACN’s approach and they work with like-minded funders, strategic partners and delivery agencies to ensure maximum returns for the young people and communities we support whilst avoiding duplication of services and resources.



ACN’s established network of partners means they can deliver national and international programmes via locally appropriate providers without the need for a large and cumbersome organisational structure, retaining our flexible and responsive approach to local issues. 



This commitment to partnership is further underlined by their commitment to action research and identifying best practice, publishing independent research to support the wider sector(s), developing workforce development and accreditation pathways for young people, volunteers and staff, and supporting agencies around the world to replicate ACN’s approach within their own communities.